Last Updated: Tuesday 30th June 2020.

Work together to test you and your family’s knowledge about the Settle to Carlisle railway, and the surrounding region, by downloading the two word puzzles below.

Whether you’re a local resident, planning a future trip to the region with friends or family, or you’re a self-confessed railway enthusiast; download and complete our word puzzles using the links below:

Settle-Carlisle Railway: Crossword for Adults

To download and print the Crossword for Adults, click here.

Settle-Carlisle Railway: Word Search for Children

To download and print the Word Search grid for Children, click here.

Complete the word search by highlighting all words found beneath the grid box. Words can be found in any direction (e.g. left to right, right to left, diagonally, top to bottom etc.).

Need a little help?

Search our website for clues! You may find some of the answers you’re searching for in our Heritage website pages, here.

Answer Sheets:

To download and print the Crossword for Adults Answer Sheet, click here.

To download and print the Word Search grid for Children Answer Sheet, click here.

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