The Station

Dent station is England’s highest mainline station, standing as it does at 1,150 feet above sea level and providing spectacular views of Dentdale.

The station building is in private ownership and after considerable refurbishment undertaken in 2006 is available as a holiday cottage –

Although there is a village of Dent it is in fact about 4 miles away from the station, which is more in the area of Cowgill in Dentdale. The station is also about ¾ mile uphill – so allow plenty of time if you set off from here and need to walk back!

The station does however have waiting rooms on both sides and the upside platform (towards Leeds) is reached via a barrow crossing. Not all service trains stop at Dent. The S&C has a considerable level of freight traffic so utmost care and consideration should be taken when crossing the line on barrow crossing.

Dent station had been unstaffed for about 3 years before the station building was closed in 1970. As with many of the S&C stations there had been great provision for goods facilities and even at Dent coal and cattle were catered for until these facilties were removed in 1964.

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The Local Area

Other features of note at Dent station are the snow huts and the snow fences. The snow fences were an attempt to prevent the winter snow from drifting onto the track. The snow huts were made available for workers to camp in during the winter to remove the snow from the tracks.

Winters may not be quite as severe as some of the notable ones a few years back and Dent is one of the most beautiful places on the line with sweeping views down the dale and a feeling of timelessness all around. A good walk or cycle ride from the station is along the coal road, which climbs steadily uphill before dropping down again to Garsdale station – the next S&C station north of Dent.

Find the Station

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