Leeds-Settle-Carlisle Timetable

The current timetable for the Leeds-Settle-Appleby-Carlisle line is available to download here:

Leeds – Settle – Appleby – Carlisle Timetable: 19th May to 14th December 2019. [Click to download]



You will see from the map below that the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle Railway provides the opportunity for rail connections throughout the country.  From Carlisle, you can travel to Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland or to Newcastle.  There are also connections south with direct services to Birmingham and London.  From Leeds, there are connections to the south, south west, Midlands, as well as to Manchester and Liverpool.

If you are looking to travel from West Yorkshire (Leeds) to/from Scotland and you choose to include travel via the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line, opt for a ticket using Route Appleby.  You can save £’s as well as seeing the beautiful countryside of Settle-Carlisle country!


Fares are dependent upon the journey being taken. Discounts for National Railcards apply. Holders of the Dales Railcards also benefit from discounts (subject to conditions of permitted area of travel). Special offers are also available at certain times throughout the year.

You can check fares and book tickets here.

Click here for more information about National Railcards. 

A Settle-Carlisle Day Ranger ticket is available to purchase from booking offices and on the train.  Valid from Carlisle to/from Leeds/Bradford Forster Square, it provides a hop on-off ticket for travel for a day.  Details here.

You can also visit any manned railway station in the UK to get fares and buy tickets for the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line.

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Find out about stations along the line, scheduled engineering works, Frequently Asked Questions and much more here.

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