Settle Carlisle Railway Development Company Limited 

30th Anniversary Steam Train 

Booking Terms & Conditions 


Your purchase and use of tickets constitute your full acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

You are strongly advised to read these conditions which contain information relating to our limited liability in respect of loss caused by delays or cancellations, as well as loss or damage to any personal property you may bring with you. 

The terms “Us”, “We” or “Our” refer to Settle Carlisle Railway Development Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SCRDC). 

The terms “You”, “Your” or “Passenger(s)” refers to the person who has made the booking and/or members of their party. 

  • We only accept online bookings through our website. Every seat shall be paid for in full and will only be valid once payment has been received by us and confirmed by the clearing bank. 
  • We will aim to meet your special on-journey requests if we can and it is considered reasonable. Please note we are unable to take requests for the side of the train you desire your seats to be on. We suggest you read these Conditions and our FAQ prior to your special request. 
  • Estimates of timings are only a guide and when booking you accept that actual departure times may differ from our estimates. Final times may only be available several days before the train runs and issued when we send your email confirmation. It is your responsibility and that of your party to be at your boarding point in good time before the train´s departure. Refunds cannot be given if you fail to meet this requirement. 
  • Whilst every effort is made to provide the journey as advertised, SCRDC reserves the right to alter the journey, locomotives, timings and additional options for the day, which may also include the route taken, as required without prior notice and without refund, due to circumstances beyond our control and will not in doing so incur any liability to any person travelling with us who has purchased a seat(s), resulting from alterations made. 
  • Details of the tour are given in good faith based on information from our suppliers and the railway operating authorities. We will make every effort to ensure the day runs as planned, but we cannot be held responsible for any delays to the journey, mishaps, alterations or necessary curtailment of the journey when situations are outside of our control. 
  • SCRDC reserves the right to use diesel traction if unforeseen circumstances are experienced by the steam locomotive. This will only be done as a last resort by our train suppliers and as such no refund will be available to any party in the event of Diesel Traction being used on the day under such circumstances. 
  • SCRDC will guarantee to ensure that all passengers that have purchased valid tickets for the journey will be returned to their joining stations by whatever transport is necessary (in the event of curtailment/diversion of the train) and any additional costs or liability to return you to any other point will not be accepted. 
  • SCRDC are only responsible to return passengers holding valid tickets to their joining stations (as identified on your booking confirmation) by any necessary means of transport, therefore we cannot be held liable for any missed connections into or out of any kind of transport link due to the early/late running of its trip. It will be your responsibility to get to your joining station for the trip and return home/back to your desired destination from the joining station. 
  • Compensation claims for non-running trains will not be paid. 
  • You may wish to purchase travel insurance when booking for your own protection and peace of mind, we are regrettably unable to arrange this for you. 
  • If SCRDC cancels this trip then it will give a full refund to every passenger that has purchased a valid ticket for the journey, but no other liability shall be incurred by us. 

Issue of Tickets 

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your purchased tickets once payment has been received in full. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check that the receipt and or email tickets issued are correct for the number of passengers and the class of travel are correct. 
  • Email confirmations including seat numbers and confirmed timings are usually issued approximately 7- 14 days before the date of the journey. We reserve the right to alter this timescale should our timing schedule not reach us by this time from the Railway operating authorities. 


  • Whilst we convey a team of carriage stewards it is essential to remember it is the sole responsibility of every passenger to attempt to alight and board the train safely at any station platform and adhere to instructions or advice for doing so. 
  • Any person(s) with mobility issues/problems or using wheelchairs should advise us at the time of making their booking. Assistance can be made available but we require that you request and await assistance when actually boarding or alighting from the train in order to ensure everyone is moved as safely as possible before, during and after the excursion. 
  • We are unable to transport mobility scooters or non-folding wheelchairs due to the age and design of the trains used. 


  • Premier Dining Class: A vegetarian option is available and this must be requested at least 14 days before the date of your tour. We regret that we cannot provide a vegan option nor guarantee any other special dietary requirements such as wheat or gluten free food. 
  • Passenger Behaviour: You are allowed to consume alcohol on this journey, however, we do not tolerate any anti-social behaviour. Under the railway byelaws, if you are deemed to be intoxicated by the Train Guard you will be asked to leave the train. Should any passengers ever be deemed to be posing a safety risk, affecting the comfort and enjoyment of other.
  • passengers or acting in an unreasonable or abusive manner to any member of staff or fellow passengers then we will take steps to remove such passengers at the next available point. This includes passengers found to be smoking on board the train. No refund would be available for such passengers who would then be responsible for making their way back to their joining point by their own means and at their own cost. 

Lost Property 

SCRDC accepts no responsibility for private property during this journey, including accepting any liability should lost property be returned for any reason to someone who is not its owner – e.g., if someone makes a false representation to SCRDC of ownership of property. 

If you do leave property on the train contact SCRDC. A detailed description of the item(s) must be provided and if found will be posted to you (we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover postage). 


Should you feel there is reason to raise a complaint about your trip with us, we ask that this be raised immediately with your coach steward. A train manager will also be aboard the train should your coach steward be unable to resolve your problem. We ask that this be done so that all efforts can be made to rectify any issue. If you feel it necessary to contact us after the journey this should be done in writing to our Head Office or by e-mail to no later than 10 days after the journey.