Skipton Waterways Festival


Friday, 8th May 2020 - Sunday, 10th May 2020

History behind Skipton Waterway Festival.

Skipton Waterway Festival is a 3 day canal boat event which runs every year on the 1st May day Bank holiday weekend. We are an event which is a non-profit making event, which solely relies on donations and sponsorship from the local community. We are also organised by volunteers from Pennine Cruisers, local councils and again the local community, without these people the event would not run as smoothly as it does each year.

The 1st Skipton Waterway Festival was held in 2001 and we have gone on to grow more and more each year. The festival was originally organised by CRT (British Waterways then) and Pennine Cruisers for around 5 years, however Pennine Cruisers then took on the event, as we saw how much the local boaters and town enjoyed it. We at Pennine Cruisers look forward to this event each year, it is part of our year now, as we have organised it for so long, we would be a little lost without it.

As an event we attract around 8, 000 – 10,000 visitors each year over the full 3 days. We notice people/families who do visit us each and every year. We put on various entertainment, stalls from craft to charity stalls, children’s activities and an array of food/concession stalls. There is something for almost everyone.