Imagine having your own personal guide to the Settle-Carlisle Railway, telling the story of the line’s construction and giving you fascinating insights into the unfolding landscape.

This is exactly what you can have with the innovative iPhone app, available now in the iTunes App Store – and it’s free of charge. It’s easy to find; you just need to search for Settle Carlisle.

The guide is synced to your location on the line, so wherever you join the train the audio description will be tailored to what you can see out of the window – whichever direction you’re travelling in.

Top Tip: There’s no mobile phone signal for much of the journey (the app functions using GPS) so you will need to have installed the app before you travel.

(Apologies to Android users: at present, it’s only available for the iPhone, but there are plans to create an Android version in future. In the meantime, you can download the MP3 files here.)