Management of Stations

7.1 Introduction

7.1.1 Under the Railway Act 1993 the railways of Great Britain were restructured to allow the progressive privatisation of the network. The infrastructure was placed in the ownership of Railtrack (from 2001 Network Rail) whilst the train services were divided into 25 (now 23) Train Operating Units and subsequently put out to private tender.

7.1.2 Prior to privatisation British Rail had been selectively selling off property and land, especially where the future of rail operations was in doubt. This has led to the complex situation that exists today with numerous organisations and private individuals owning or leasing property and land along the route.

7.1.3 This section summarises the current situation in relation to the Settle-Carlisle line, including other organisations directly or indirectly involved, with contact names, addresses and, where appropriate, website details.

7.1.4 Details of reporting procedures have also been included, as some confusion has existed in this area since privatisation. The prompt and correct reporting of faults, defects etc. is especially important in maintaining a high and consistent standard of service.

7.2 Ownership

7.2.1 General All stations, including land, platforms, buildings and structures are owned by Network Rail Infrastructure Limited (except as indicated in 7.2.2 below) and are operated by the Train Operating Company, Northern Rail Ltd as Station Facility Owner under the terms of the Franchise Agreement.

7.2.2 Buildings and Land in Private Ownership

This list only includes property that is directly relevant to the operation of or access to stations.

Horton-in-Ribblesdale – station approach road, “Hillcrest”, privately owned by Messrs Bowman and Ashton.

Up platform station building, 125 year lease to The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust. Restored and converted to offices, community room and passenger waiting area.

Ribblehead — Up platform station building and car park area, 125 year lease to The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust. Restored and converted to Visitor Centre, Caretakers’ Flat and passenger waiting area. Former Stationmaster’s House and station approach road, privately owned by The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust. Undergoing restoration.

Dent – Down platform station building, privately owned by Mr. R. Hughes. In use as a private dwelling and holiday let.

Kirkby Stephen — Up platform station building, 125 year lease to The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust. Restored and converted originally to rented office accommodation and caretakers’ flats, meeting/exhibition room and improved passenger waiting facilities. Office accommodation and flat now utilised as holiday lets.

Langwathby — Down platform station building, car park and approach road, privately owned by Mr. Henderson. Station building in use as a café/restaurant and shop.

Lazonby & Kirkoswald – Down platform station building and car park, privately owned by Mr. M. Bell. Station building restored and converted to offices. Station approach, owned by local Highways Authority.

Armathwaite – Down platform station building, car park and station approach, privately owned. Station building in use as a private dwelling.

7.3 Responsibilities and Contact Details

7.3.1 Network Rail Network Rail, as the landlord, owns the stations and buildings, (except as shown above). The entire route of the Settle-Carlisle line falls within the jurisdiction of Network Rail London North West Route under the directorship of Jo Kaye. The address for Network Rail LNW is:

  • Network Rail, Square One, 4 Travis St., MANCHESTER M1 2NY Architectural and Design advice:

  • Senior Architect, Steve Warbis,
  • Network Rail, Square One, 4 Travis St., MANCHESTER M1 2NY Town Planning legislation guidance:

  • Senior Town Planner, Network Rail, Square One, 4 Travis St., MANCHESTER M1 2NY Mapping and land information:

  • Mapping and Land Surveying Manager, Network Rail, Square One, 4 Travis St., MANCHESTER M1 2NY

7.3.2 Train Operating Company The Train Operating Company currently holding the Franchise to operate services between Leeds/Blackpool/Blackburn to Hellifield and Carlisle is Northern Rail Ltd. Administratively this operation lies with the Area Director, Richard Allan. As Station Facility Owner, Northern Rail are responsible for the following:

  1. Operating train services
  2. Cleaning and maintenance of the stations.
  3. Publicity These responsibilities, at station level, are defined within a lease boundary. This area and its scope will vary from station to station. Lease area plans are available in Appendix 6. The postal address for Northern Rail Ltd. is:

7.3.3 The Settle-Carlisle Railway Development Company

The Development Company is responsible for promoting and supporting the scheduled services on the line and encouraging appropriate sustainable development throughout the area of the line.

The postal address is:

7.3.4 Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL)

The Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL) was formed in 1981 to fight the proposed closure of the line. Following its success with the reprieve in 1989 FoSCL has grown as a subscription organisation with around 3500 members, the largest rail user group in the UK. FoSCL campaigns for the maintenance and improvement of services and facilities along the line.

The Membership Secretary’s address is:

7.3.5 The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust

The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust was formed in 1991, in response to the planned closure and subsequent reprieve of the line in 1989, to promote the preservation and restoration of structures along the line.

7.3.6 Settle-Carlisle Enterprise Network Ltd. (formerly The Settle-Carlisle Line Business Liaison Group)

SCENe is a voluntary organisation that aims to support the Settle-Carlisle railway and appropriate developments that will benefit the economy and communities of the corridor it serves.

The postal address is:

  • SCENe Ltd., The Community Office, Market Place, Hawes DL8 3RA, Tel 0870 240 3966

7.3.7 Railway Heritage Trust

The Railway Heritage Trust is an independent registered company limited by guarantee, funded by Network Rail and Rail Property Ltd., whose role is to support through grants the conservation and restoration of historic railway buildings and structures. It also acts as an advisory body to those owners and other interested bodies on the conservation of the country’s railway heritage.

  • The Executive Director is Andy Savage and the Company Secretary is Malcolm Wood.
  • The registered address is: 1 Eversholt Street, LONDON, NW1 2DN
  • Tel: 020 7904 7354
  • Website:


7.4 Local Authorities

7.4.1 The following list details the Local Authorities under whose jurisdiction the respective stations fall.

Armathwaite, Lazonby, Langwathby, Appleby and Kirkby Stephen

Eden District Council
Mansion House
CA11 7YG

Garsdale, Dent, Ribblehead and Horton-in-Ribblesdale

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
North Yorkshire


Craven District Council
1, Belle Vue Square
Broughton Road
North Yorkshire
BD23 1FJ

7.5 Other Useful Addresses

7.5.1 Railway Heritage Committee

Zone 4/13, Temple Quay House,
2, The Square,
Temple Quay,

7.5.2 English Heritage,

3rd Floor,
Canada House,
3, Chepstow Street,

7.5.3 The Victorian Society

1, Priory Gardens
Bedford Park,

7.5.4 The Twentieth Century Society

70, Cowcross Street,

7.6 Fault Reporting Procedures

7.6.1 It is important that any faults encountered at stations should be reported as soon as possible.

7.6.2 All faults should be reported to ISS Control Centre Tel: 0118 9550193.

7.6.3 When reporting a fault, please request a fault number and record it for future reference.

Any repairs required as a result of vandalism WITHIN TOC lease areaTOC
Slipped SlatesNETWORK RAIL
Vandalism, stolen slates, etc.TOC
Interior PaintingTOC
Exterior PaintingNETWORK RAIL
Step NosingsTOC
Anti-Slip (if not integral part of step and only partial repair)TOC
Floor Coverings excluding Terrazzo TilesTOC
Terrazzo TilesNETWORK RAIL
Complete Unit RenewalNETWORK RAIL
Repair – Light BulbsTOC
Repair – Ballast/Choke etc.NETWORK RAIL
Car Parks
Fencing if rotten or requires repairNETWORK RAIL
Fencing if damaged due to vandalismTOC
Fencing if rotten or requires repairNETWORK RAIL
Fencing if damaged due to vandalismTOC
Barrow Crossings
Barrow Crossing Gates and Faults with boards/anti-slipNETWORK RAIL
Blocked Drains, Toilets & amp; SinksTOC
Collapsed DrainsNETWORK RAIL
Glazing – slipped panes, damage due to natural causesNETWORK RAIL
Glazing – vandalismTOC
Guttering – repairNETWORK RAIL
Guttering – cleaningTOC
Guttering – repairNETWORK RAIL
Guttering – cleaning and repair due to vandalismTOC
Window/Door Frames – rottenNETWORK RAIL
Window/Door Frames – vandalismTOC
Gas Appliances
Repair & amp; InspectionTOC
Air Conditioning
Repair & InspectionTOC
Alarm Systems – telephone number on the panel at each station along with site IDTOC
Electrical RepairsTOC

Please Note

All names, addresses and phone numbers are correct at time of printing although subject to change.

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