Appendix 1 – Station Buildings

In depth detail can be found here about the design of the station buildings.

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Appendix 2 – Architectural Details

In-depth information about the windows, doors, bargeboards and ridge tiles featured on the station buildings.

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Appendix 3 – Station Furniture

Details and drawings of lighting columns, benches and noticeboards.

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Appendix 4 – Signage

Details about station nameboards and miscellaneous signs.

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Appendix 5 – References

Further sources of information and regulations regarding work at the stations.

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Appendix 6 – Station Lease Plans

Each of the plans shows the position of the station in its surroundings.

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Appendix 7 – Detail Sheets

As defined by the Conservation Area Partnership (CAP).

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Appendix 8 – Signal Boxes

A summary of all the original signal boxes along the line, including their position and current status.

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Appendix 9 – Stations Photo Inventory

A gallery of reference photos from stations on the line.

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Appendix 10 – Navvy Settlements
& Railway Construction Contracts

Information on Navvy Settlements and the 5 contracts awarded to construct the famous railway line.

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