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 from Northern Railway: Customer safety is our priority, we advise you not to travel between Tuesday 21st and Sunday 26th June

On strike days there will be extremely limited availability of both train crew and signalling staff and as such we will not be able to operate services on most routes. There will be no replacement buses or alternative travel provided.

Unfortunately, as we will not be able to position our fleet how we normally would, the significant impact of the strike will also be felt on non-strike days. Therefore, we regrettably advise customers not to travel on any day from Tuesday 21st through to Sunday 26th June.

Where we are able to operate trains, services will be very limited, and trains will not start as early as normal and will finish much earlier than normal.

You will be entitled to a refund for dates affected by strike action if not travelling, details can be found in the FAQs below.

Timetables for strike action between Tuesday 21st and Sunday 26th June

Details of the limited train services that will run will be released as soon as possible and will be found on the timetables page but please be aware that these are subject to change.

We apologise in advance for the disruption and inconvenience that the RMT’s industrial action may cause.

For more information about the strike please follow the link below:

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